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Paul Fairclough

When born Fairclough was so ugly the nurse slapped his mother; his parents told him that he was actually born under a gooseberry bush in a bus station. Until the age of three they tied meat round his neck so the dog would play with him!

His radio career started whilst at school in 1977 with Piccadilly Radio Manchester with their children's show Breakaway. Every opportunity to get out of classes was grasped with both hands including presenting on the Granada Television children’s news programme ’What’s New’ as Fairclough himself said, not many people can boast that they were the warm-up for Crossroads! He also appeared in the programmes title sequence, therefore increasing his TV stardom

Spells at Hospital Radio followed, Paul being a founder member of Radio Wishing Well at Park Hospital Davyhulme. Time was also spent with seven years in and amongst women’s underwear as a DJ at a very well known fashion emporium. The arrival of 0898 telephone services saw Fairclough as the voice of many sex lines, working with an actress who later starred in ‘Take the High Road’ (what’s the number of the News of the World?).

Some eight years ago his limited talents were inflicted on the sheep of North Wales as he joined Marcher Sound. Paul presented midweek sport together with weekend breakfast shows that were networked on Marcher Coast and Gold. Later, working on the principal of persistency beyond the call of talent, he moved to the Metropolis of Manchester and Fortune Radio. Then a move across the Yorkshire border to Magic 828 followed and with an act like Fairclough’s you have to keep moving!

He settled down at the home of easy listening, Lite AM Manchester. At Lite he became so laid back he was almost horizontal. His interviews included legends including Howard Keel, Gene Pitney, Glen Campbell and Henry Winkler. Whilst there he was head hunted (Fired) and finally moved to God’s Country South Lancashire and Tower FM. From there to the Pulse in Bradford and the Signal Radio owned by the UTV Radio Group. Now Paul is at Staffordshire’s HITMIX radio.

Fairclough is Mr Showbiz and has starred as an executioner in Turandot (he was the one with the large chopper) and later played the back end of an elephant (to critical acclaim) in The Phantom of the Opera. He boasts many C & D list celeb’s amongst his friends and can normally be found at local theatre’s and bars, infact anywhere he doesn’t have to pay to get in or buy a round! Fairclough is a single guy who describes himself as not tight, just thrifty!

Paul toured with the Musical Boogie Nights alongside the Osmonds, Gareth Gates & Chico also has business interests including Web design, merchandise print & photography, his disco business also runs the latest Smartphone Quiz Nights and Silent Discos.



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